Thursday, March 25, 2010

Letters Home - 1

Dear Mum,

I reached a town called Springwell today and met the owners of the Blue Wyvern Inn. It’s always nice to reach a new town. New people, new sites, and hopefully new stories and songs! As always I’ve been collecting stories as I traveled the road on my way here. Most of them weren’t the type that you’d share in a big room, but I relish hearing the stories of people’s lives just as much.

I met an elven woman as I traveled earlier today. We stopped and had lunch together. She didn’t look down on me like the elves back home often did. That’s one thing that’s been refreshing about traveling farther south, the elves down here seem to be less prudish about mixed races.

Anyway, you would have loved her Mum! Her name Falira and she had the prettiest smile you’ve ever seen. It took me awhile to get her to smile though. She was traveling to visit her sick mother. As you know full well, it’s not often that elves get sick enough that death is a risk, so she’s very worried at being called home to her mother’s side. I think I was able to help ease her worries, at least for a short while, by distracting her with our laughter and conversation.

I’m going on a quest! Now I know you’re going to start worrying the minute you read that, but I’ll be ok Mum, really I will! I’ve been through lots of adventures (as you know) since I left Jayall and at least this time I won’t be on the road alone. Although I must admit our group of adventurers is a bit, um, different.

We have myself, a gnome, another elf (but she’s rather strange for an elf), a dwarf, and a kobold. Yes, I said a kobold. That’s going to be really interesting, especially since we also have a gnome along, and you know how kobold’s and gnomes are like oil and water. No something worse. Like an explosive and a torch! So far they’ve been civil, but that’s about it. The gnome offered the throw the kobold out of the tavern if Davkul wanted him to, and during our meeting the kobold was staring at the gnome like he was just daring him to start something.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself though – you probably want to know what the quest is all about right? We’ve been commissioned by Lady Kris, a local wizardess, to find a charm that apparently helps to keep Springwell safe. Lady Kris believes a wizard, one who’s not that powerful, stole it from her. She said we shouldn’t have to worry about the magic part too much, and I’m not really worried. Her assistant is going with us, so I’m hoping she can help if needed, and I’ve picked up a few small things on the road myself.

We’re setting off in the morning, so I should probably put out the candle and get to sleep. I love you Mum. Try not to worry. I’ll write you more soon!



Merily said...

Bravo! What a great letter, Ruthie! :)