Saturday, June 26, 2010

Letter's Home 4

Dear Mum,

So much to talk about – it's hard to know where to start! I guess I'll just go chronologically. Isn't that what they always tell us bard's to do? Start at the beginning...

I did a watch with Neris last night. It was good to spend some time getting to know her a little bit better. Like me, she's never really done much adventuring. She's spent most of her life working in her uncle's shop, I guess that's kind of like me spending most of my time hanging around the Wayfarer's Rest eh? I've had a little bit more experience I guess though, since I've traveled from Jayall to get here. Anyway, it's nice to know I'm not the only one in the group just “testing the waters” so to speak. I mean, Gen and Whiffy both seem to be seasoned adventurers and Meren's probably seen a lot as she's lived in the woods and then learned about magic!

I think I'm going to start making breakfast for the group whenever they let me. Everyone really liked what I did this morning, and it's probably our most “regular” meal of the day with us being on the move. It's good to get a good foundation to our day before we head out. Especially because we never know what we might encounter! So far it's been calm, but I'm sure that won't last.

Speaking of which, we're only a day or so away from our destination! I'm both excited and a little nervous. I know your worrying, but I promise I'll be careful. I'm well aware that I've never been in any type of battle before.

Guess what? We met a Centaur today! His name is Kryro and apparently he's been friends with Meren since they were young. In fact, he even has a nickname for her! He calls her Peren, but we weren't able to figure out exactly why or what that might mean. I'm sure it's nothing horrible though, she looks embarrassed, but he has that “brotherly teasing” look on his face whenever he says it. He didn't seem too sure of our group at first, but once Meren vouched for us he calmed down, although I'm sure he never really put his guard down. There's something about Centaurs that makes you think they are always serious on one level, even when they start teasing and joking with an old friend.

We asked Kryro for information about the Wizard Phanto, but he wasn't able to do much more than confirm our suspicions and what we already knew. Apparently his people avoid the deserted town that Phanto has made his home, and I don't blame them! I probably would as well if I wasn't on this quest! One thing he was able to help with is he's going to take Rory back with him so that he's safe and stays out of whatever we have ahead of us. That's a big weight off of all our minds. He's also going to get a message to Meren's people to make sure they know what's going on so they can be careful.

Well that's it for today. I love you Mum!