Thursday, November 11, 2010

Letters Home 5

Dear Mum,

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later; we all knew that when we set out on this quest, and by that Mum, yes, I mean we were attacked. Twice. Don't worry though K? Nobody got hurt. The first attack was a bunch of huge bats and Meren let fly some sort of spell that put three out of the five asleep! That certainly made our job easier. You would have been proud of me Mum. I killed one of them on my first shot. I guess all that target practice WAS good for something eh Mum? I wasn't just avoiding work in the tavern…

I have to admit though; I was a little shook up after the battle. I mean, I've gone out hunting before. Remember when Targoth was determined that I needed to know how to hunt and dress out kills and all that? But that was different. The animals were for food and they saved us all some money. They also didn't attack. Now maybe that's because he never took me out to hunt anything dangerous for our stew pot, but still. I got a little sick from the rush of emotions that came with trying to kill something that was trying to hurt me and my

We tried to go back to sleep after the first attack, but it didn't really work very well. That's when the second attack occurred. A pair of spiders this time, and dumb spiders at that! I didn't think they were as scary as the bats. Then again, I have killed spiders before; just not one's as big! I think I still had some adrenaline going from the first attack too cuz I actually went after them with my short sword! Didn't do much damage, but it counted for something I guess.

I ended up spending what was left of that night watching Gen run around all hyper. I guess battle agrees with him? At least one's we win!

We're heading out in a few minutes. We should reach the abandoned village by the end of the day and we plan on scouting things out and attacking by night. Whiffy tells us that the kobold's we're up against will have their defenses lowered some at night. Who thought I'd ever be taking advice from a kobold on attack strategies???

The next letter might be a long one, but I'll write as soon as I can, and I'll stay out of danger as best I can!