The Adventurers

"Heroes of Peranaea" isn't really accurate, at least not yet; at the moment the Player Characters (or PCs) are just random adventurers, trying to earn their place in the world- be it with sword, bow, or song. This motley pack includes the following:

Illia Carthaigh: Half-Elf (High Elf/Human) Bard
Illia was raised by her human mother who worked in a tavern and does not know her father very well. She has managed to learn some about the elven culture through various travelers who have come to visit the tavern she grew up in. She began to learn her craft simply by listening to the stories told around the hearth in the tavern and then repeating them to her friends the street children. One day a bard heard her, was impressed, and began to train her a little bit more formally.

Illia is slender, mostly human in appearance, with just a little bit of an exotic look as gifted to her by her elven heritage. She's the tallest member of the group at 5'10".

Gen Eric Tallcap: Gnome Fighter
Gen is a proud Gnome out to make a story for himself, one worthy of being sung to future generations in the Gnome halls back home. He looks for adventure, fame, and fortune. He's fairly sure he'll recognize Fortune. Fame and Adventure seem easier, but he's heard they like to skulk in taverns. Gen is also questing for the Battle Goat of his dreams. What, you think that's trivial? You try properly questing with a Gnome's rate of movement. A good Goat is the difference between an Epic Hero and slowly stumping home in defeat! Can't be just any Goat, either-- a real proper Battle Goat and Gnome team share an almost myffic bond. He's not sure where to find one of these, either, but a Goat is at least very concrete and not as ephemeral as Fame. You know a Goat when you see one, whatever the cause.

Gen is friendly, not too tactful, and prone to overanalyzing things. He also has a mild (obsessive) fondness for Blue. It makes him a little odd in the red-green-brown aesthetic of gnome culture, but causes no real harm. It's just his Thing. He has stopped giving his full name when first meeting people, since it makes them giggle, and not explain why. What's WRONG with being a standard specimen of gnomehood? Gnomes are grand! Only filthy kobolds wouldn't know that....

Neristranna Torgarsaxe: Dwarven Thief (err... Locksmith)
Master of locks, both opening and making; is adventuring to save up for her own workshop someday. Her uncle is the owner of the general store in Springwell and she has a twin sister named Stodove. She's 54 years old (years young?), 4'3", and has auburn hair and brown eyes.

Whiffy: Kobold Lunatic (Thief)
Whiffy is a rusty-colored kobold with an irreverant air, a vacant stare, and a winning smile (read: huge creepy grin). Cloaked and hooded, Whiffy makes an unassuming figure until he opens his mouth.

His turn-offs include short jokes and gnomes; his turn-ons include belching, skulking about, and citrus (he got his hands on a lemon once and was immediately hooked).

Dwodin: Dwarven fighter

Name: Dwodin
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Weight: 323 (it's all muscle I swear!)
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Beard: in a twin warrior braid. A little shorter then you'd normally see

As you see him fighting you can't help but notice that while he's controlled, there is a deep anger burning in his eyes.

Darion Hagan: Human wizard

Age: 17
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 167lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Meren Eryndiriel: Wizard Apprentice (main NPC of the DM)

Race: Wood Elf... but something's a bit off.
Age: ? (She looks pretty young, though.)
Hair: Long and brown, always worn in a messy ponytail
Eyes: Green
Height: 4'9"
Appearance: Always seen wearing shades of brown and green- either a simple brown wizard robe hemmed at the knee, brown breeches, greenish-brown tunic, and brown boots, or green and brown leathers and carrying a longbow- but her most distinguishing feature are the green tattoos over a lot of her skin (hands, arms, face...).

Meren speaks with a very heavy accent; she talks slowly (and without using contractions) and has a tendency to arrange her words strangely. She doesn't sound unintelligent, just like she doesn't quite understand how Common works- it's a good guess that the language is definitely not her first, and likely not her second, either. She is the apprentice to Springwell's resident wizard, Master Krisiries Spelloyal (aka Lady Kris). For all that she's a Wood Elf, the party has found that she's very friendly and has a good sense of humor.

Illia has learned that Meren's been studying with Lady Kris for a year or two, and that she was sent there by her father Eryndir when he learned that she had been trying to use magic to protect her forest (she's also learned Meren's biggest secret- that the wood elf is actually half-halfling). The group has learned that she has an almost sibling bond with Kryro, a male centaur, and has known him for almost all of his life. She also appears to have a soft spot for young halflings, as seen by the fact that she fell into maternal-mode when the party met one.

LaceAnne Brandybuck: Halfling Cleric

Priestess of Yondalla (goddess of agriculture). Currently played as an NPC by the DM, but eventually may be picked up by a player.