The World

Peranaea is the part of the world that this Dungeons and Dragons game takes place on; it's situated in the lower part of a northern continent (so it's fairly warm, but still temperate). In Peranaea, unlike in most parts of the world, the demihuman races (elves, halflings, gnomes, etc) are as common as the humans, and, in some areas, outnumber their larger counterparts.

To put things into perspective, here's a (very basic [to avoid giving away important stuff] but still looking cheesy since it was drawn with a mouse) map of the area:

Light green/bluish are grasslands and sparse trees/lightly wooded areas.
Medium green are fields and harvested land.
Dark green are forests.
Blue is water and rivers.
Brown ... well, squiggles are hills.
Brown squiggles on top of other brown are large hills/mountainy areas.
Brown squares are towns, villages, or cities.

Methinks I should draw this out better on paper and scan it in, huh?