Saturday, May 29, 2010

Letters Home - 3

Dear Mum,

We had our first bit of adventure today! Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything dangerous, we just met someone new and got a little bit more information about what we might be facing when we find Phanto. On a side note, it’s kind of strange to realize you might not read these letters until after everything is over with our Quest. Since I can’t send the letters your way until I see a traveler going that way, I have no way of knowing when these will reach you or if they will all get to you all at once! Don’t worry, I’m keeping my eyes open for chances to send the letters north with a passing traveler, but there just aren’t as many opportunities now as when I was traveling from town to town, so I think you’ll probably get a big bundle all at once. I hope that Magnus gives you a good long break so you can sit and read them.

Wow, I got completely off topic, ok, back to our new friend. His name is Rory and he’s a young Halfling. He came across our party when he was running from monsters (which turned out to be Kobold’s, yah, he was really “excited” to see Whiffy) and he fainted right at our feet! I felt a little foolish because I thought he might be suffering from some sort of magical spell until Meren pointed out that it looked like he’d simply fainted. I guess I’m eager for drama huh? I need to be careful of that, I’m sure I’ll have more than I can handle soon enough!

Oh – another side note – Whiffy can’t say Halfling. I never thought I’d say this about a kobold, but it’s adorable!

Anyway, it looks like some of Phanto’s men have kidnapped a local priestess and another boy (forgot to ask much about him) so we’ve added saving them into our quest. It only makes sense, we can’t ignore their plight and it fits right in with what we’re already doing! We probably would have ended up rescuing them anyway. Now my only concern is for Rory. He’s a bit young to be involved in something like this, he’s sworn to avoid the fighting and just be on guard duty, but we’ll see what actually happens.

Oh – and apparently the ever mysterious Meren speaks Halfling! I wonder where she learned that?

Well I better get some sleep, I have third watch tonight, so going to be early is a good idea.