Sunday, November 28, 2010

Letters Home 6 pt 1

Note: Because we are going so far between breaks, with lots happening, this current letter to Illia's Mum is going to be posted in segments, so as not to overwhelm the reader. Enjoy!

Dear Mum,

Our life has been full of adventure since I last had a chance to write! I'm sitting here debating whether or not I should tell you everything, or if that would just worry you. I guess I'll stick with what I've been doing and just try and give you the full story of our adventures. I hope that's ok Mum! Wouldn't you rather know than imagine anyway? I'm afraid that means this will be a rather long letter, but considering your getting these in batches of letters anyway I'm not going to worry about break it up!

It didn't take us very long before we found our first group of sentries, some kobolds, and they were fighting amongst themselves. Not that it was surprising, kobold's love to fight after all! We decided to surround them and Meren used some sort of magic to alert us when she was in place (she was up in the tree's) and to start the attack. It was pretty funny. She made little green lights appear above the kobold's heads and they were so confused! I think I saw one try to eat one of the lights before they realized we were attacking! Gen confused them even further when she threw a rock to make some noise that was nowhere near where we actually were!

The battle was a little hectic. We had some shots and hits that totally missed, and a few that just injured, but in the end we managed to get 'em all. Whiffy, Gen, and Meren each accounted for two kobolds, Neris helped by injuring one, and I took one out. Not bad. I'd feel better if I hadn't totally missed one!

After the battle Meren spent some time soothing a tree that Neris had hit with her axe. She didn't seem too happy about it, but then again, what else would you expect from a wood elf? It really wasn't Neris's fault either, she didn't really have any options other than throwing her axe and it's not one that was really meant to be thrown.

I was a little squeamish about it, but we searched the bodies. We didn't find anything useful for our mission, but we did get some copper pieces!

(to be continued)