Friday, August 19, 2011

Letter's Home #6 pt 2

(Continued from the previous portion that was posted, it is the same letter, and you can find pt 1 here)

As we approached the tower we settled in for a break. Everyone else was discussing that the best time to attack would be after dark. It makes sense, but it’s not something I would have ever thought of! In the ballads they mention that the heroes attack at night, but it’s usually, “under the cover of velvet night the knight and his men set forth.” Pretty words but that doesn’t exactly tell why they “set forth” at night. Fortunately the rest of the team knows what they are doing, and that means that I am learning so much!

On that note, if I ever write an epic ballad I should find a way to include some the tactics, so that the ballad is actually useful as well as thrilling...

Anyway, like I was saying we took a break, and I made dinner with a little help from Meren. Whiffy and Gen scouted ahead to see what we were facing. Gen came up with a set of rope hand cuffs that made it look like he was Whiffy’s prisoner that were pretty clever! It still amazes me how well those two get along... Oh! Meren also went along a short way, and out for them from the trees.

While scouting the Whiffy and Gen discovered that our first challenge was going to be just getting inside the gate! It was rusty and they couldn’t pick the lock, and Meren barely even knows what locks are after growing up in tents, but fortunately Neris is handy with a lock pick and we got in just fine! Maybe I should ask her to teach me one of these days? I promise I’d only use the knowledge for good Mum! You know I would!

Moving on before I get in any more trouble...

As we headed into the tower we quickly found some crazy kobolds. You would have loved it Mum! They had pots on their heads and were fighting around with sticks like a bunch of young’ins. There was a very out of tune clavichord playing too! That drove me nuts, you know how much I hate an out of tune instrument. Believe it or not it was a kobold in a top hat playing it too!

It gets better though! We found some kobold kids playing in the rubble. There were several little  one’s playing hop scotch and one of them was old enough that he was on guard for the others, but he was skipping rope and didn’t notice Whiffy sneaking up on him to knock him out.

Speaking of Whiffy – who ever thought I would trust a kobold so much? He’s definitely a strange one, but even though we’ve only known each other a few days I really trust the fuzzy orange guy.

To be cont…


Meri Greenleaf said...

Yay, new letters! I love it, Ruthie!