Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hurrah! The game has begun!

To put things into perspective, here's the (much edited down to avoid giving away too much but still looking cheesy since it was drawn with a mouse) map of the area:

Light green/bluish are grasslands and sparse trees/lightly wooded areas.
Medium green are fields and harvested land.
Dark green are forests.
Blue is water and rivers.
Brown ... well, squiggles are hills.
Brown squiggles on top of other brown are large hills/mountainy areas.
Brown squares are towns, villages, or cities.

The game begins in Springwell, the central town on this map.

Neristranna- You received a letter from your uncle Rogar saying that you may be able to find work in town. After traveling for a week or so NW, you arrived the night before and are currently staying with him in his apartment above the general store.

LaceAnne- You, too, have received word that the town is looking for help (through the halfling gossip vine, of course) and have traveled about 4 days from your home nearby in the southwest.

Illia- You've been traveling south in your quest for adventure, song, fun, and whatever else it is bards enjoy, stopping at various towns along the way to play your music at inns and wherever anyone wanted music. You've been on the road for quite a while, as your home is far to the north.

Gen- You're traveling around, looking for adventure, a use for your sword, and whatever else your gnomey heart desires. You're far from your home, as well (I haven't even figured out where the gnomes live- somewhere outside the area I have plotted, lol).

Whiffy- You climb out from beneath the cart you'd been hiding under.

Players, head over here to the message board to begin. (And don't forget to stop by the Character Info subforum to post a bit about you and your character.)


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