Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome to Springwell! And what's this? An adventure?

Our story thus far...

After fighting the dreaded evil message board, the group encounters a new forum with prettier graphics and pledges their allegiance to that one in the hopes that it shall serve them better... wait, that's the players, not the characters. ;)

Here's what has happened to the characters so far:
Upon arriving in the village of Springwell, a small (but prosperous and safe) town, most of the group headed straight for the Blue Wyvern Inn. The exception was the Kobold, Whiffy, who decided to find a nearby priest to get him to read him the contents of a signboard.

In the inn, the bard Illia struck up a conversation with the innkeep and cook, while the Gen the Gnome headed straight to a shady-looking guy sitting at a table in the corner. Illia soon joined the gnome and the shady guy (who finally introduces himself as Griff) for a few games of dice.

Meanwhile Neris the Dwarf had sat down at a table with her uncle and his Halfling friend and began talking with them. The Kobold made his way to the inn and, after bribing the innkeep being the first to learn of the upcoming adventure from Davkul the innkeeper, joined the Dwarves and Halfling at their table, much to the annoyance of Neris.

After the dice game, Gen and Illia went to speak with Davkul about the adventure they had overheard him mention to the Kobold. The innkeeper filled them in about the when and where of the meeting for potential adventurers while Whiffy spread the news to Neris.

After dinner (during which Illia preformed her music), the four would-be adventurers and Griff met in a back room at the inn where they were introduced to the wizard of the village, a glamorous red-headed Human named Lady Krisiries Spelloyal, and her apprentice Meren, who the characters take to be a Wood Elf. Lady Kris informed them about the task she needs help with: an important magical amulet that she uses to keep the village safe has been stolen. Upon hearing that the quest would involve magic, Griff rudely stormed out. Lady Kris let the group know who she thinks may have stolen it and what may be ahead of them, and offered them a reward- being the adventurers they are, the group agreed. After letting them know that her apprentice would be going with them (and supplying Meren with a map and some money), she had to leave suddenly because of a spell she was working on.

Meren supplied a bit more information about what would be ahead of them and shared the map given to her by her master, and the group decided that they would set out the next morning after breakfast.